Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First baking post

About a month ago, I baked a cake for my dear friend's birthday surprise party. A few years ago my sister got me the recipe book for the bakery, Tartine, in San Francisco which I love! I finally decided to try my hand at one of the recipes, the Devil's Food Layer Cake. It was SUPPOSED to look like this:
It was WAY less labor intensive as I feared and also kind of fun. Baking is definitely a destressor for me but until I get to live in my own house, it's still kind of stressful (with my mom breathing down my neck and telling me that I have too much of everything or I'm making a mess).
What the bakery's looks like
ANYWHO, the cake ended up looking like this:

At my house right after adding the crumbs
After my friends decided to dress it up and add a cute little flower... I think it looks great!
It was a HUGE hit! I was super happy mostly because I did only 2 layers instead of 4 and cut down on the sugar a lot. If you want to know the recipe... let me know!

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