Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dream recap#2

My most vivid dream last night? Started out with just panels of the cartoon "Luann." I'm guessing you're wondering why on earth would "Luann" even be in subconscious... Well. The truth? I still read the comics section of the newspaper (read: real newspaper, San Jose Mercury News) everyday. Or at least I try. Judge me all you want but I've been doing since I was a wee child. Okay maybe since I could read. And my favorites have been "Calvin and Hobbes" (before Bill Watterson stopped writing new ones for the paper in 1995) and "Garfield" (which I actively searched for in the library for my one "fun" book when my mom would allow me one out of the fifteen she made me read over the summer. Okay fifteen is an exaggeration but that's what it felt like).

Anyway, "Luann" hasn't been a favorite per se, but I do enjoy how she basically has aged over time with me. And she went through her boy issues with Aaron, Gunther, and others (now an Aussie which I think is hilarious!) kind of the same time I went through mine so yeah. I identify with a cartoon character who is apparently completely fictional, go ahead and judge.

Back to the dream. Honestly, all I can remember was the fact that it started out with what seems like now just zoom-ins on different panels of the cartoon but over the time span of my dream, the characters became animated and Brad Degroot and Toni Daytona were having a fight and T.J. and I were off on the side making "peanut gallery" type commentary. Luann was there too but mostly just as a wall character watching everything happen.

Then I woke up. I know this wasn't that captivating but it was just weird to me that I dreamed in comic strip format AND it's my first dream that I can remember dreaming in black and white... Ah the interwebs. The place to document my firsts.

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