Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 blogs in one night!

So, tonight I had a revelation while a friend was talking during small group. What is small group? It's a group of people from my church, in this case all females, who get together once a week (besides the large group meeting on Sunday hence the name small group), to talk about the Bible, share about our lives, and give/receive encouragement (in many different forms). Basically, a life-coaching group. It's awesome. Everyone should have one.

Tangent: Earlier today I caught up with a dear, dear friend of mine and I had a different revelation. Small groups to me is kind of how God intended for church to be... no? Like in Acts? When people met in homes and such and then got together in larger groups to have a bigger community? 

Anyway, my revelation/encouragement that I got tonight was that I think I am on the right track. Even though effing De Anza has been putting me through the ringer about my residency status and class prerequisites and I am confused about where I'm going in my life, my base-line for why I'm doing this all is steady and the same. So what spurred me to think this? Basically my church is reading the Bible from cover to cover together. (I think... that's how I understood it anyway). So we are starting in Genesis (obviously) and when God was forming the Earth as we know it*, in the Bible it says that Adam and Eve were to "rule" over all living things and to "subdue it." The way I saw/interpreted it was that they were supposed to be benevolent rulers, not destroyers. They were supposed to care and cultivate all the living things. But now, as time marches on, all we humans do (it seems like) is destroy it. How many species have gone extinct? I don't think scientists can accurately count because I'm almost 100% positive that we do not have the same fauna and flora as was when the earth began (no matter if you think the earth was created by the Big Bang or by intelligent design). So, God was all about (social) justice from the beginning! He wanted His one creation, humans, to love, cherish, and see the beauty of His other creations and to rule with/by love. But all we have done is destroy, destroy, destroy. So my life purpose (or what I think my life purpose is anyway), to change peoples' minds and lives for the better, is somewhat solidified in this revelation. I have been put here to encourage to live healthy lives, not just for people, but for our planet too!

Le sigh.

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