Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Start fresh, start clean

Yes. This is my fourth blogspot blog that I'm starting. Excessive? Probably. Necessary? Not really. Do I care what you think? Not completely. But anywho, this, unlike my other blogs, is less with a direction and clear focus. "Yeah, I win stuff" is about shows and things that I win (in efforts to try to get radio stations and other companies to start giving me more stuff to blog about how wonderful they are... it's failing). Then I have my 2 travely type blogs about ZA and Ireland. This blog will be almost entirely just be about my life and things that I'm thinking.

Almost entirely? I lie. Completely is what I meant to say.

So if you think I'm pretentious for starting a blog about my life because you think it's because I think that I'm awesome and people should know who I am, you're wrong. I'm doing this to keep me in check. I'm publicly declaring certain things in my life and later when if something happens that pertains to something prior, I'll have my blog (and possibly your comments) to refer back to; to see how much I have grown (or not), to examine my life choices and ensure that they have been well informed (or not), and ... yeah. You see where I'm going with this.

So what will I write about? Possibly my baking adventures (but there are SO many way better blogs out there about this these will probably be few and far between unless I absolutely rock something), my opinions about things, life revelations, shortcomings, rants, raves... etc. So read on if you really want to, and don't if you don't. Also, I will exercise my right to delete/block certain people/comments if I see fit. After all, "it's my liiiiiiiiife" (I'm singing that along the melody of that Backstreet Boys song.)

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