Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 1 at school done!

Call me a nerd, a crazy person, whatever but I LOVE CAÑADA COLLEGE! Seriously. De Anza can suck the big one. They put me such crazy beaurocratic crap that I will honestly never try to go there again. Unless I have a real hankering to put myself through torture again or I really have no where else I can swim. Anywho, to continue with my love affair of Cañada...

Why do I love this college so? Let me count the ways:
1. Everything that De Anza made me do over WEEKS (and by the way they still have not gotten back to me about this one thing) Cañada finished in a few hours. A FEW HOURS. AND they had me meet with a counselor (because I needed to get my prerequisites signed off) and he was super helpful and even told me about how I should apply to the nursing program because more than likely I'll get in. 
2. I have class Thursday nights and I went to the bookstore to buy this stupid thing for chem, and this girl stopped me to hand me a flyer and said something. However, of course my hearing is terrible so I said, "Sorry what?" And she repeated, "Do you want a free pork bun and tea? We're celebrating Chinese New Year!" UHM... YES PLEASE. I then asked the nice folks freezing in the rain if they were a part of some club (and if they said yes I would've asked if I could join because comon... free food?) but they're not! The student government/the school itself fronted the money for this! Oh there's more. Every month on the third Thursday, they have free food! EVERY MONTH. 
3. My very first class guess what my teacher is? SCOTTISH. It's like they knew that I needed/was missing that aspect of education (the tuning my ear to different accents).
4. They qualified me for the BOG Waiver (Board of Governors.. I think)... which means I don't have to pay too many registration fees! They understand that I'm poor and just because I live in Los Altos with my parents doesn't mean that I'm inherently wealthy... Stupid De Anza and their senseless zip code discrimination.

.... I can't think of anything else right now but needless to say, I LOVE IT! I mean it's going to be difficult since I'm taking a max load but what can you do? I'm poor and don't have a career. Back to school right? Isn't that the cry of our generation?

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