Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dream recap#1

So let me start this one off by saying, I have crazy vivid dreams. Okay well everyone dreams (don't say you don't, you do but you just don't remember them) but I dream very vividly and with a ton of color. Oh and I've only had 2 nightmares in my life that I can remember. I have never had a recurring dream that I can remember. I know. I'm weird.

So one of my dreams last night (and also you dream multiple dreams a night but usually only remember one or two, so I've heard from psychologists) was definitely set in Cupertino but it didn't look like it. Well it was on Stevens Creek and Tantau or whatever that street that Cupertino High is on but yeah. I was driving in my former burgundy old school Ford Explorer along this road on my way home blasting music and singing along. Of course in my own dream, I was amazing at singing and was rocking it. But then I got this call from my dad saying be careful. And then the next thing I remember in my dream is feeling very creeped out and weird. The street was completely empty. So I say it didn't look like Cupertino because it definitely was Stevens Creek but there was a big hill that I had to go up and down. As my car was climbing up the hill I saw a kid on the side of a street. Let me clarify, this kid was a boy, no more than 14. As I got closer I realized that he had a rifle in his hand so I slunk down in my seat as far as I could but still able to see over the dashboard. This was near the top of the hill. Then as I passed him I said to myself, "What the eff is a kid doing out of school with a gun? What the hell is going on?" But then as I was going down the hill I saw a line of people by on the street being herded by a bunch of other kids, boys and girls alike, around the same age all with semi-automatic guns. Some were handguns, but most were uzis and stuff. I decided to turn on the news and heard about some kids who went crazy over unfair homework load and other issues and decided to round up their teachers and kill them. It was happening in Cupertino but I kept hearing Oakland in my dream. I was super confused until I think I got home and finally it somehow became clear that the "movement" started in Oakland and had just made it's way down to the South Bay because of the Asian kids being super overstressed and realizing that this wasn't the way education should happen. Oh I forgot to say that the kids were also shooting at cars that looked like they had adults driving them which was another reason why I slunk down in my car (so I'd look like a kid) and there was a weird moment of the kid looking into my car and trying to decide if I was an adult or not.

Would you classify that as a nightmare? I guess so? I wasn't all that scared I guess? The two nightmares I've had are MUCH worse. Maybe another day I'll write about those too...

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