Thursday, February 9, 2012

A dream is a wish your heart makes... and mine came true!

Yes. Yes. It's true. I just quoted Cinderella. Why? Well first of all because it's a freaking great movie (notice how I did not qualify it as a good cartoon movie. It's a good movie period) but also because I have remembered that lyric since I first saw it on VHS when I was a wee lass. A small part of me has always wanted to be famous. Doesn't matter how (okay well for something good not for being an eejit nor evil) but yeah. There was a period of time where I wanted to be an actress then that quickly faded because I have a terrible memory and get really nervous around good looking people, male or female. Then I wanted to be a musician, but that quickly faded because I suck at making music. Then I wanted to produce music, but that faded because my conscious got a better hold of me and said, "Really? You're going to waste your God given talents and do that?" Which isn't entirely true but yeah.

As you can see, music is a huge part of my life. I've grown up around music, thanks to my father, and have a firm base in the oldies (50's and 60's music) as well as funk (thanks to my sister), started taking piano lessons at age 5 and then violin at 9 or 10 (I can't remember when I made the switch because my brain has blocked out the painful memories), and was in choir in high school. I worked for Capitol Records in undergrad (starting out as a street teamer and also I cheated on them and street teamed for Epitaph as well) and loved every second of it.

Another weird fact about me? (And I actually don't know the reasoning behind this) I love award shows. (I promise this is going somewhere.) I don't have as much time to watch them now. But before, man, I used to plan my weekends around them! Or I would record them and watch later. Something about people being raw I guess? Again, no idea why but that is the case. Put this fact and the paragraph before this together and you get the fact that the Grammy Awards are basically my favorite awards show.

So why these random tidbits about me now? Well yesterday I received a phone call during chemistry lecture but I wasn't able to pick up (for obvious reasons). They left a number but I saw the number calling so I googled it. It was Capitol Records! Immediately I assumed they wanted me to do something in San Francisco (or somewhere else in the Bay Area... some really awesome shows are coming up) so I didn't think much about it. Until I remembered that they left a voice message. I listened to it and what was it? A congratulatory call about me and a friend GOING TO THE GRAMMY AWARDS! (yes that required all caps).

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew I had chemistry lab in a couple hours but SCREW IT. I called my sister, then my mom (to see if she'd freak out and forbid me to go which she didn't to my surprise), then my best friend Serina. The talk with Serina was pretty hilarious. It was almost as if she was angry. Oh I should clarify, that Serina is my most musically inclined friend. Not just a fan like me, but a true to the word, in every sense of the word, musician. She plays multiple instruments, has a phenomenal voice, has perfect pitch, and beat boxes (haha yes I had to throw that in there).  The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey dood guess what my big news is. (I had left a message earlier telling her to call ASAP and that I had big news).
Her: I honestly have no idea.
Me: I just won tickets to the Grammy Awards.
Her: What the fu.....?
Her: Wait, explain.
Me: (I told her the whole story)
Her: What the fuck?
Me: I KNOW BUDDY! So.... wanna come with?

Okay. So usually I wouldn't post expletives on but it was just TOO funny. I was laughing pretty hard. Also, I haven't really heard her drop the F-bomb that many times in a span of like 2 minutes so it was pretty funny. But you can see why this news is of great magnitude for the both of us. Both of the dreams that our hearts wished (completely independently of each other) came true.

I have another blogspot entitled "Yeah, I win stuff" at the address which will more than likely be the primary recap of this night. So I encourage you, all 2 of you who read this, to go there after the Grammy's (probably Wednesday-ish) to see what my experience was like. Only if you really want to though. Haha.

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