Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yes I am fully aware that the "DOUBLE RAINBOW??!!??!??! TRIPLE RAINNNBOOWWWW??!??!?!" this is so 2011 or whatever year it was but I couldn't resist. Not only did seeing the double rainbow at school on Monday spark a grin because it looked amazing (I have never seen a brighter one in my life, honest to God) but also because I was thinking about that ridiculous video.

So what did it look like? I'll show you.
So I know it doesn't necessarily look that bright but in person it was. The second craziest part? As I drove home that evening, I got closer and closer to the edge of the rainbow. It literally seemed as if I were chasing it, trying to find the leprechaun at the end with his pot of gold. But I wasn't! THE craziest part? I REACHED IT. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I found the end of the rainbow! As I was driving south on the freeway to get home, I noticed that not only was the rainbow getting brighter, but bigger. What I thought was super interesting was that as I neared the end, it started to fade. And then of course I thought of all the folklore around how hard it is to chase a rainbow (and I also started belting at the top of my lungs "Somewhere Over the Rainbow), I realized why. Because when you get closer to the end, you can barely, if at all, see it anymore! Also of course, being the nerd that I am, I thought about light, how it refracts, and the properties of wavelength and crap. I was so instantly happy and could not help but say, "Dang God... that's pretty cool."

So that pillar thing shows that I was on campus when I took this photo. Here's what my Monday and Wednesday evening looks like almost every time:
Reason #5 bajillion why I love my school
If only all schools had this view...


  1. Chong, I know what you mean about the end of a rainbow. I believe I drove through the end of a rainbow too~.

    AND, the double rainbow video... Little did I know that the guy was super high that I sent the vid link to praise team to show someone experiencing true happiness. I honestly thought he was so lose to nature and the rainbos were really the bright and vivid. Not high -_- not the best moment for me. Keke