Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The brain does some weird crap

A couple nights ago I had a very odd dream. I don't know if my psyche was stirred b/c an "ex" recently got married and I realized that I wasn't over him but my dream involved my only true ex (the only other serious boyfriend than the one I have now).

I don't remember all the details but the most vivid was that I looked amazing... skinny and stuff. My current boyfriend and I were hanging out and then he went to the restroom. My ex, let's call him Benedict (b/c I wish it was Benedict Cumberbatch let's be real), comes up behind me and says, "Hi Christine." And it was odd because at first I didn't recognize him and he had to say that it was him and how we met. When I finally realized it was him, all these emotions came flooding back and I had to steady myself. He started to say, "You look amaz..." and then my current boyfriend came back and said, "Uh hi who are you?" And I introduced them then added, "Yeah we need to go to that show.. we're going to be late" and said, "Bye, Benedict. Have a nice life."

Explanation: "Have a nice life" is the last thing he said to me. And I felt like it was so final and so harsh.

anyway. I woke up being so confused. I hadn't thought about him so long... But again it was probably my subconscious messing with me. as if i got too much sleep in general.

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