Monday, May 27, 2013

My Ode to UC Davis.

Once an Aggie, always an Aggie. Yes other colleges/universities may have the Aggie as their mascot as well (and they may be that much better at ICA sports than us but whatever!) .. but Davis students OWN it. Yes for a bit when you first get to Davis you have no idea what an Aggie is or what it stands for but as your years go by you learn to love it. And Gunrock. Which is the name of our mascot. And yeah a lot of Davis students may go through their whole career not knowing that but you know what? Doesn't matter.. Because honestly, most UC Davis students I meet, absolutely loved their time at Davis.

Maybe I was in a weird bubble of a cappella nerds/dorks and RAs but honestly... I've met people who were not in those circles but truly cherished their time there. I might even venture as far to say, Davis has a certain charm about it that you just cannot deny. While I haven't been back to campus since I graduated, every year that goes by that I don't go back to visit makes me kick myself.

What spurred this ridiculous entry to express my love of Davis? Well a good friend of mine just got engaged to a really cool girl and I went up to Elk Grove for the engagement party and I got to drive by campus twice. I wanted to stop but I had things to do... I know I know ... woulda coudla shoulda.

But as I drove by, a huge smile broke across my face and this feeling of happiness and good nostalgia just took over. Gone was my annoyance that everyone in Yolo County drives like 10 below the speed limit and in its place was was good goood gooooooood vibrations! Haha sorry had to finish that song out. But really. Yes there was some drama at Davis, to the point where I lost a few friends but it made me into a better person (and yes that is competely cliche but I don't care... I'm writing a nostalgic post about undergrad for goodness sakes... I'm going to be cliche). And since then I've basically reconnected with those friends so really no harm done.

My first kiss was as an undergrad. The first time I sang by myself in front of strangers was at Davis. My first real long-term job was at Davis. The first guy to ever ask me for my number was at Davis (which was actually under super creepy circumstances but still). My first singing performance was at Davis. The first time I ever felt like people didn't judge me for not being book smart was at Davis. I found out I have ADD at Davis. My first celebrity encounter was at Davis! Davey Havok grabbed the mic and sang with my really good friend who happened to be standing right next to me and we smiled at each other. Mehehe.

I learned so much about myself at Davis. How to keep in touch with friends were hundreds of miles away. How to be a stronger person. How to stand up for myself. How to let people go.

Anyway. Any high school student that tells me, "I don't want to go to Davis.. there's nothing to do" I look them square in the eye and say, "If you go to ANY school with that attitude, you won't find anything to do anywhere." Yes Davis is your textbook college town but that means there are things to do any where and every where! You just have to look. I bet even if you went to UCLA with a sour puss attitude you wouldn't find much to do. Okay you might but it'd have to punch you in the face. Any college experience is what you make of it. And mine was awesome.

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