Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chang's visit

A year ago, my friend Chang that I've known for forever, visited me while on leave from Germany in Dublin. We did a lot of outdoorsy things... I went sea kayaking for the first time and I took her surfing as well. We had an absolute blast! It was pretty different from the other friends that had come and visited me (not that the others were bad) but this was very, very relaxed and outdoorsy. Full of activities!
This is where we went kayaking and actually surfing as well!
 We also did a lot of driving; well I did. Which I love so not a big deal at all... The best part? We talked A LOT. And it was soul refreshing. She may be younger than me, but it was something that I felt that I had missed.. I actually felt it when my friend Marina and Andi came as well but I think because Chang and I grew up in church together it was slightly different.
Luscious Ireland (the West)
 We even went to a bar... Not the one pictured below but how could I resist taking a photo of that!? I forget exactly where we were but the colors of the flags will tell you what county we were in.
I miss this (random bars)
 And then of course, we went to a rugby match. This was super fun... I think people were really confused as to why two Asian girls were there.. without guys. Haha. I definitely did not see any groups of just women let alone minority groups. It was kind of fun! Not to mention we got to watch the French National team.. unfortunately they walloped the Irish National team but eh. It was super fun!
My first and only rugby match that I went to
It was a tad awkward because although the stadium was sold out, I was a bit on edge that I'd see my ex. I was very not in the mood to see him even though we were friends at the time. I'm not sure why I felt that way but I did. 

These "year ago today" posts make me miss Ireland like no one's business. Is fada liom uaim Baile Átha Cliath.

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