Thursday, July 5, 2012


another word vomit post but i've excessively exhaled in the library about 6 times in the last 20 minutes and have become that crazy woman. so i need to get it out or else i might scream.

i really hate (and i don't use that word often) editing cover letters and resumes. for some ridiculous, stupid reason i take the constructive criticism incredibly personally and i effing hate that about myself. every edit i see that i've gotten this voice in my head goes, "are you serious?! EFF ME. why? why was that idea bad? why are you 'ambivalent' about this? UGH GODDAMMIT"

it doesn't help that i got a scolding email sent with the edits. what a great way to get me to accept your edits humbly. NOT. i'm SO FREAKING frustrated right now that i just want to scream and yell at my computer as if it was someone but i can't. because i'm in the stupid library. wasting my life. i hate it.

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