Thursday, July 19, 2012

family is too fun

So yesterday my sister and I took 2 of our nieces (from our cousin) to see Les Miserables. The older one, D, just turned 13 and is reading the novel and is completely obsessed with it. I mean she brought the book to the theatre and calls it her baby. Hilarious. The younger, E, just turned 11 and I think she was just excited to be out and about. I picked them up in Santa Clara from my cousin's work and the fun began!

We drove up to San Francisco and there was no traffic thank goodness. They commented on how the drive felt so much longer "when they were younger." Of course that statement made me feel incredibly old. But in any case, I thought the drive was going to be super awkward but it ended up being really, really great! She was so jazzed and excited, she could not stop talking about it. So she hasn't finished the book but she was so excited and loved it so much so quickly, that she read the middle and the end! It was so amazing to listen to her talk... She's getting so grown up and chooses her words so carefully. Of course she still is very much a teenager but yeah. It's also a tad bit disconcerting that I agree with her or can talk to her about a bunch of different topics. I am apparently, a teenage girl still. Haha.

We ate at The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen which was yet again, great. My sister and I both got the "Red, White and Blue plate special" which was a small sandwich with soup or salad. I got salad and my sister got the soup but we both got the jalapeno popper sandwich. It was surprisingly spicy but so delicious. D got the mac n cheese stuffed grilled cheese and E got the mouse trap. They loved their sandwiches and even ate their plums after! Which was a great touch. The plums were perfectly ripe and everything!

We watched the musical and D absolutely loved it. She said it went really fast but trying to shove 1400 pages of a very dense novel into 3 hours is pretty difficult and she admitted that. But she couldn't even decide what her favorite song was and was alllllll smiles. Again, I think E liked that we were just hanging out. I don't think she quite got it but it was okay. I forgot how much sex and stuff is in it so that made me a bit uncomfortable but later D confirmed my worst fear... 13 year olds know way  more than they should about sex. That makes me so sad. But also I was a little happy on the inside because she still said it was gross! YAY! Haha... it's the little wins that you need to take.

The funniest/saddest part of the day for me? When they said that they had never seen manual windows before (sad part) BUT they said it was cool and retro and they loved the "rolly windows"... I'M COOL AGAIN!!!

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