Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lost friendship

One of my friendships is ending. Before this point in time I think I would have been annoyed/upset but I'm pretty nonchalant about it. Maybe even more so this is why we shouldn't be friends anymore. I 've been feeling pretty snubbed by her so I think I saw it coming too. Don't get me wrong, it's not on bad terms. I think she just wants friends that are different from me.

Okay so I'm not completely nonchalant about it... Obviously I'm sad. I always had a good time when we hung out. I met a lot of really fun/cool people through her. She is a pretty selfless person that likes to have fun and no drama which is always a good person to have in life. I guess the final nail in the coffin was when she didn't even reply to my birthday invitation even though I tried incredibly hard to get to hers. She doesn't come to me anymore with issues too so I guess at best, we have become acquaintances. People who don't mind each other and will smile and make small talk when we encounter each other in public, but that's it.

I'm sure it's over because the friendship has become completely one sided (me to her and not back). I feel like when this happens and the person that you care about doesn't show the same feelings toward you, whether it is a friend or romantically, it's time to end the relationship. No?

Well anyway, I wish her the best and hope that she knows that I'll always be there for her. She deserves greatness because she is a wonderful person.

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