Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

A year ago today I wrote a post that had to do with baking and I will share again!
Funfetti cupcakes some hearts some regular!
I didn't only make Funfetti cupcakes though (which is super cheating I know but I had a box leftover from my friend's party). You see a year ago today, I will employed by my old clinic which (honestly) I felt was taking a wee step backward. Today... I work at this amazing great company and completely enjoy my job and my team. Today we had yet another potluck in which I absolutely gorged myself and I made a red velvet cake that didn't turn out red because the interwebs lies sometimes. (I used beet juice but it baked out). 3/4 of the cake was left when I put it out on the counter and when I came back an hour later, it was gone! I was so happy! I don't have a photo of the cake but I have my photo of my spoils. 

There was actually a lot more I just... uhm. Ate it.
Yeah so once again my friends, happy Valentine's Day (GALENTINE'S DAY.. eheheh for those of you who watch Parks and Rec), Happy Red Day to my Koreans and feliz dia de San Valentin!

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