Sunday, March 11, 2012

Last day of Irish classes

A year ago today, I finished my scheduled classes at Trinity College Dublin for my Masters in Global Health. I'm not going to lie .. it was a HUGE relief. People think I'm very intelligent but honestly, I'm not. I work hard and especially because of the ADD it's really difficult for me to do school. I know this presents a large problem for me especially with my desire to go to medical school but I've developed certain techniques that help me to focus and I've found that when I'm reading/studying something that really interests me, I can sit for a quite a long while (I'm sure like many other people) before I get fidgety.

Anywho, my last module was nutrition and global health. The subject that most motivated me to come do the program. Throughout the program I definitely got exposure to way more things and now I can sufficiently back myself up when I say, "No you can't do just one aspect, it's integrated." Finishing up my classes when more than half my cohort was done was a challenge because a lot of them were taking trips and such and I was stuck in class. Nevertheless, I tried my hardest and did pretty okay.

Of course we ended classes before St. Patrick's Day which was great because obviously, no one was going to go to class that day nor the day after. It was quite an experience and one of the things on my bucket list that I got to cross off!

Back to finishing classes though. It was quite a feat for me. I had officially finished grad school modules. I wanted to run through the streets of Dublin yelling, "I DID IT! ME! ADD RIDDLED, TOTALLY ORGANIZATIONALLY CHALLENGED ME!!!!" But I didn't. Instead, my amazing flatmate and I quietly (well quieter than most other Irish folk) went out for drinks.

Today, it was just another day. But today, instead of finishing my last grad school class, I have my Masters and am sitting in undergrad classes. You know what helps me to keep going and do well? The fact that I have my degree and am working towards a career. Sometimes that brings me down too. It's one of those... double statements? I'm sure there's a more eloquent English phrase for that but as you can see by my writing, I am far from eloquent. Anywho, a year ago today I was more behind than I am now. I need to keep telling myself that.

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