Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More wacky dreams

The past few nights I spent at my parents' house. And as the title suggests, I had some weird dreams. These two I remember with more detail than any other.

The first one was a few nights ago so I don't remember too much but I was running from someone or chasing someone. What I do remember was that it was very stressful and there was a lot of pressure weighing on me to get away from or catch this person. Weird that I cannot, for the life of me remember which it is. All I remember is the immense amount of pressure. I didn't feel like I, or any other person was going to die, just a lot was riding on the outcome of this pursuit.

The other was either last night or the night before (whenever I say that I always think "24 robbers came a-knockin' at my door). And basically, again there was some kind of immense pressure ... but I was at a beach of some kind. It was a very popular beach and I was there with some friends but then I met up some other people that I knew as well. I was this awesome surfer (of course this is my dream) that was catching some waves at one end of the beach, and then walked over to the other side where I met more people. Some how, I got wind that there was going to be this gigantic wave but not in a good way. To the point where it would wash people away. And for some reason, no one knew but me and also no one believed me. So I had to race back over to warn every one but by that time the waves had started getting bigger and bigger and washing up on the shore farther and farther up. People just thought it was the tide but something was wrong. So I kept telling people to get off the beach but instead of evacuating, they just laughed and kept going further up. And then I couldn't find my own stuff, like my board, phone, clothes.... It was weird. The next thing I remember is that I'm looking literally into a wave and I see a whale and a shark. It's like a wall of water. If you've seen Evan Almighty it's like that scene when the wave comes up to wash over the ark.

Anyway, it's safe to say that my dreams were about pressure. And no wonder. I take the MCAT for the third and final time this week. After this, it's over. I call it quits on my dreams of being a physician. Le sigh. no pressure right? bleh

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